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McGraw-Hill's Conquering SAT Math, Third Edition

Robert Postman ; Ryan Postman. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. Your email address will not be published. Signing you up! Join our newsletter! Understand the question well This seems relatively simple, but it is perhaps the most important thing in the SAT essay section.

Practice under time pressure As we talked about in the beginning, one of the scariest parts of the SAT is how short the time limit is. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sign up for weekly tips and for insider information! Sign Me Up! We hate spam just as much as you. Connect through Facebook!

Conquering the SAT: A Personal Story — College Confidential

One Click Sign Up. The test was near, so I took tests every other day until the exam.

At that point, I ranged from I then took the exam. It felt hard, but I kept my mind positive. I focused on the goal and kept my cool.

McGraw Hill s Conquering SAT Writing

Scores come back. I got a I jumped up, ran around the house screaming with happiness, woke my parents up who really didn't appreciate being woken up , and told all of my friends. I had done it. I scored a early in my junior year. Success, oh, sweet success! The highlight of my HS career. But I sit back now; it's all so bittersweet. The challenge is conquered, it's over.

SAT Webinar: The Heart of Algebra

It's something that kept my fire burning for months, occupying my thoughts and keeping me motivated. But it's over. And it's been over for about two years now. And yet I still return to CC, just so that I can try to get back a small piece what was a very valuable, wonderful learning experience. Your goal may be to get into a top tier college, but as you'll often find, the path is more rewarding and fulfilling than actually getting to your destination.

Good luck, CC'ers. I have no doubt that you all are among the most brilliant and motivated students in the country. And while I hope that you all reach your goals, I more sincerely hope that you never run out of goals, for the pursuit of them will enrich your life in far more ways than any single success can. August edited December Post edited by Arachnotron on December Harambee replies 4 threads Registered User Senior Member.

August Very motivational.

I swear junior year was one hell we all have to go through. Dang, Arach, you're gonna finish college in 3 yrs cuz of AP credits? Good job.

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Thank you. I'm saving this..

see I mean, I'm afraid that I won't do the same on the real test as my practice ones, that maybe this was just a false hope Extremely motivational. I scored after working hard for 3 months in my junior year. Ive got lesser than 2 months now. I want a Is it possible?