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As adults do most of the littering in Australia, KAB and Fnuky decided to focus on the age group that was still susceptible to littering issues.

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By welcoming young environmental activists as spokespeople for this cause, KAB intended to discourage young Australians from littering once they turn For that purpose a team of young Australians tackling litter issues nationwide was chosen by Keep Australia Beautiful as its new creative environmental strategy. Their plan was to provide education on litter prevention to help people shape appropriate behavioral patterns in their communities that would discourage littering. A new committee made up of members under the age of 15 was supposed to breathe new life into environmental movement and help Australia reduce its litter by at least 10 percent over five years.

Such big idea needed as much national media coverage as possible, bringing the issue of littering back in the news.

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Since littering is a serious problem, so should be the committee: a serious organization with young but very determined members that would be able to convince both stakeholders and the public about their agenda. Former Senator Natasha Stott Despoja traveled across every state and territory and led the interviews with potential candidates.

The 10 committee members ranging in age from 9 to 12 were recruited for the job to tackle the littering issues through advertising campaigns, workshops and community outreach.

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The group also received a letter of support from Prime Minister Julia Gillard. For three days the committee members gave numerous press, radio and TV interviews. To keep the media attention growing, the first official meeting of the new committee addressed the best ways to get the anti-litter message out into the public.

The Committee chair Mia Vissenjoux, 12, assured the media that they were going to explore ways to make adults change their littering behavior and educate them about the serious consequences that harm animals and environment. The committee members continued their meetings monthly either in person or via their iPads from their home State or Territory. And that is why they were so serious about their mission. This is the reason why kids should not trust adults to fix littering when they do it the most. The kids instead should be put in charge of the litter problem and tell adults what to do.

Due to the impressive media coverage over 25 percent of the Australian population was reached. They continued with hands-on initiatives in their states and territories. The advertising agency Fnuky won a Gold Clio award in the category Public Affairs out of a total of about 11, entries worldwide for their creative initiative putting children in charge of Australia's litter problem.

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Entry Summary. Today, the Chinese create and share more content online than any other nations. The rise of digital media in China is largely dependent on the Internet censorship issue in this country. This censorship is done through filtering search engines and blocking suspicious websites. The lack of trust in the traditional media makes people rely more on information coming from their own social networks.

Besides personal conversations, a major part of work correspondence is exchanged via popular QQ Instant Messenger and other fully integrated mobile applications. The reliance of instant messaging can be explained by a reliance on peers and other general citizens for accurate and unfiltered news and information. The Internet has become an integral part of most Chinese' lives but at a serious social cost. The Chinese society is growing more isolated due to its addiction to the Internet. With regards to social interactions the quantity of online connections has replaced quality time in person with those they care about.

The company supports the notion of the power of social creativity and six degrees. Today we use that creativity to develop ideas that are compelling, contagious and commercial and solve business challenges. In order to understand the heavy Internet users and their families on a deeply human level, the campaign managers decided to reach out to various Chinese households for individual stories about family issues related to excessive computer use. Another important target audience was the young Chinese born after who are constantly immersed in the life of their virtual communities and subcultures.

They spend most of their time in cyberspace enjoying the full mobile integration of their local platforms, such as Weibo and RenRen which replace Twitter and Facebook in this country. The youth Internet escapism was a real national issue that could strike a chord with the Chinese society if properly accentuated and communicated to the public. The campaign team visited numerous households and interviewed over a hundred of Internet addicts and their relatives who reportedly experienced problems due to Internet overuse and alienation problems in the family.

Those interviewed were recorded and family members were photographed during their family time when they were busy with their regular routine. The campaign team sought to tell the story of each family experiencing isolation issues. Advertising storytelling is a popular trend emerging in China's TV ads which embrace the ideas of neo-traditionalism, retro, and historic nostalgia. Although the avant-garde credentials of Chinese advertising companies are beyond dispute, creative inspiration still comes from its strong heritage and heavily relies on traditional narrative.

The stories with a clear morality and celebration of common values have celebrated success in recent years. In it, a college student talks about leaving his family to go study overseas. Over the course of the ad, he moves from teenage annoyance with his mother, to homesickness, to happiness when she overcomes her Luddite tendencies to create a QQ account so she can talk to him. Thus, the company wanted to stay true to their six degrees philosophy of connecting people with other people. Apart from traditional advertising, they aimed at creating a powerful visual story that will be shared via word of mouth in the enormous socially networked environment of the Chinese Internet.

This participatory approach would allow community members get involved during the campaign and help further shape and exchange its key messages with other community members. Then each figurine was placed in glass jars, and arranged on a 5-meter-long installation resembling a computer keyboard. This installation demonstrated six families inhabiting isolated bubbles separated into keys. The idea was to use each figurine in the glass container to tell a unique story of isolation in each family as a result of computer dependency.

Just like in real life these heavy users of Internet would be isolated in the keys on display.

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For the better effect the intention was to set this art exhibit at places where more people could see them. Regional, state, and local organizations. Business plans include diverse categories of small businesses, including automobile dealers, ice cream shops, elder care homes, car washes, restaurants, and publishers. This publication showcases the variety of writing styles and what information should be included based upon the nature of the business.

Volumes are available online via the link above. Volumes are also available in print: Print Q.


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