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These decorations are all too common and you have probably have had a fair share on your own birthday cakes. Icing can also come in a wide variety of colours to add spice to the visual effect of your cake and food coloring is usually added to icing mixtures in the initial stages of preparations to achieve a particular color. If you want to prepare some icing of your own, here is a extremely quick and easy to prepare recipe of your own.

Simply add some powdered sugar and water until you receive the texture and density you desire.

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You can also replace the water by other similar substances such as lemon juices to obtain a markedly different flavor and texture. If you want to go more complicated though, you can also create them by beating fat into powdered sugar, leading to the creation of buttercream. This can be done by simply melting fat and sugar together.

You can also use the likes of egg whites and glycerin as ingredients to create interesting icing combinations of your own. Icing can also be made from combinations of sugar and cream cheese or sour cream, and as we said earlier, there is literally no limit to what you can do. In case you are thinking about applying icing, you can use a knife or spatula to do the same, or you can pour it in a cloth that has a small hole at one end and use it to create beautiful designs of your own.

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Fondant is one of the most popular and currently trending types of icings. The significance of Fondant lies in the fact that it is available in a wide variety of colors and is extremely soft and easy to handle. Bakers and decorators usually deploy this form of Fondant and create beautiful things that sometimes look more like works of arts rather than cakes. In fact, now a days therre are professional classes that teach you to be a decorator using a fondant or the various other methods available at your disposal.

Writings of this sort have become all to common today and we see cakes everywhere sporting a message that can range from a simple wish to puns, humor and even short stories. The writing on the cake forms an important part of tradition and has acquired a fixed place in the cake culture.

Writing on a cake requires both delicacy and precision and several essential tools. Bakers usually do this by filling a pastry bag with a fine tip with some melted chocolate, piping gel or frosting. Refillable plastic bags can also be used for the same purpose. From here on, its a simple matter of moving the hand to create the message on the cake. Bakers and decorators suggest starting off with the sealed plastic bag or pastry bag and then using a toothpick to ensure that the edges of the writing are well within their lines.

Also, it is suggested that novices practice the writing first on a wafer to ensure that they do it right when it comes to the actual job. The success gained by cakes is really quite unpreceedented and it is one of the largest industries of food in the world. There is a very popular culture around it as well and apart from forming a part of pur celebrations cakes also have their own TV shows. For instance, the Ace of Cakes was an extremely popular American reality television that focused on the daily operations of Duff Goldman's custom cake shop, Charm City Cakes, in Baltimore, Maryland.

The show gained popularity due to the fact that it brought the challenges faced by bakers in creating their masterpieces to the fore and set up cake manufacturing and decorating as an art in its own right.

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There are plenty of other shows about the subject as well and cakes, the beautiful, delicious cakes continue to rise in popularity while brightening up our celebrations. Well, one may assume that to be quite an obvious question. We cut cakes on birthdays because birthdays are meant to be celebrated! A birthday is only half done without cutting cakes. Away from your mom's warmth, birthdays at workplaces and hostels are often dreaded. But all that your friends need to do to bring a smile on your face is to bring you a cake with your nameplate and tiny candles placed on it to perfection.

Research says that cake cutting was a tradition begun in the ancient Greece where people prepared honey cakes and bread to celebrate birthdays of people, cities and members of the imperial family. Candles were blown because it was believed that it carried good thoughts from the person to the God.

There on, it has been celebrated as a tradition around the world. Blowing candles, cutting the cake, smashing cream on your friend's face are all customary to birthday celebrations there are no birthday bumps without birthday cakes! Birthday celebrations would be quite insipid without all these! The web is filled with myriad of portals that promises you with world class quality and tongue biting flavours. But having established our own niche in the cities of Hyderabad , Bangalore and Pune where else can you look out on the web for tasty and yummy cakes other than CakeZone?

On the verge of expanding to many other major cities in India, CakeZone is known for its excellent and timely delivery of cakes around the two metropolis. People addicted to the scrumptious cake zone cakes swear never to taste any other!

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Life for vegans has become a lot more easy with a large number of food joints offering you homely vegetarian foods. But vegans still have to crunch during birthdays when the non-vegans treat themselves to fluffy cakes. A lot of cake outlets do not give you an option of eggless cake, but that does not mean that all bakeries and cake joints resort to the same. You can now order an eggless cake online from cakezone. No running around at peak hours finding the bakery, no tantrums whatsoever, just log on to cakezone.

Eggless cakes at CakeZone are as fluffy as the normal ones and does not compromise a bit on its succulent crunches.

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Eggless cakes at CakeZone do not want you to compromise on your favourite flavours. We have an equally wide range of options for eggless cakes ranging from chocolate to vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, blueberries, black forest and much more. Our eggless cakes are so soft and creamy that they melt in your mouth.

We have toppings of your choice whether nuts or fruits or cream that makes you smack your lips for more. We have cakes without toppings specially made to suit the taste of people who prefer the classic range. You also need not pay a lump sum amount to satisfy your taste buds at CakeZone. We charge only an additional of 50 rupees for the eggless varieties.

Cake zone has a set of skilled staff who are ready to lash out words on your cakes for your every special occasion. You have ideas and we give you extravagant customised cakes. This is an evergreen choice that never fades out! It has a massive decoration on the top and icing varieties such as butter cream, almond, strawberry or vanilla. Frosted cakes are more popular among the typical cream lovers!

Different flavors of filling can be added between layers. Chocolate, carrot, Italian Rum and Italian Cream are also popular choices. Frosting can be a classic smooth surface or combined with drizzle, swirls, or chips. This consists of layers of tiers which could be of different flavors, positioned directly on top of the last.

The traditional stack wedding cake is similar to the tiered cake. Often they are filled with flowers or columns to add visual impact and height. Separators can include jewels, shells, flowers and the like or can be completely separated by using traditional chrome stands. They are the ones that are on a roll.

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It is a creative form of frosting style that is rolled out and draped over tiers. Fondants are in huge demand as it satisfies the appetite of every cream lover with ultra-sweet and icy frosting, as sweet as the relation every new couple is blessed to be in!

They were a variety which began in the US in the late 60's. Models or art pieces that sit atop the cake. The most common type of cake topper features a representation of a bride and groom in wedding attire. Wedding toppers today are often figures that indicate shared hobbies or other passions, if they are used at all. Some are humorous, or may represent the couple's hobby or occupation.

Some couples use a piece of art which will be displayed in their home later, such as a statuette or Christmas ornament. Some couples skip the topper altogether or decorate the top tier with flowers. Do not be in an oblivion with all these names buzzing around your ears. For your most special moment in life, CakeZone is waiting with its red hot ovens and super dedicated staff to make your moment extra special.

All you have to do is log into the website, mark your specifications and hit 'Order'!

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Cakes would be at your doorstep in light speed! Everybody looks out for the best during this extra special moment of their lives. Then why have a compromise on cakes? Almost every faith or religion marks the auspicious ceremony by cutting a cake. Cake cutting on weddings was a western tradition which later on got itself adapted to almost all parts of the world with an intermingling of cultures. Wedding cakes come in all sizes and shape and there is one cake in particular, that depicts a bride and groom dancing together, that is a particular favourite of bakers making a cake for a wedding.

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Stack tired cakes are popular around the world and is an evergreen choice by the young couples. Also, there is a particular type of cake called the Lancashire Courting Cake that has traditionally been baked by the better half of a union in certain parts of the world.

Why go for the second best when the best is already out here. Cake zone provides you quality services at your doorsteps. Cakes are the ultimate accompaniment for any gift. Whether you are sending a bouquet of roses to your beloved or a token of gift to your employee, cakes are an addictive additives. While there are a whole bunch of services offering quick and easy cake delivery in the west, it remains a far-fetched dream in most parts of our country.

CakeZone was formed with the aim of putting a smile on each ones' face, especially on their special occasions. Our cake delivery services are the best, the fastest and our cakes are the crunchiest ones across all the two metropolis, and that is not something we say but something that the two cities are now talking about. Testimonials and praises are finding way from all corners because we are not shy to take that extra mile with you to make your special moments a complete bliss. Be it anniversary, wedding, or birthdays now you can order the cake and get same day deliver or even midnight deliveries.

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